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San Francisco, California has long since been a potpourri of culture and arts in the United States. It is home to many people of diverse and mixed races, museums, galleries, theaters, and is also the seat of American liberal activism. It is not surprising why San Francisco is one of the most famous tourist hubs in the US. Its very rich history and culture are all evident in its many structures and landmarks. Some of the most famous tourist destinations in San Francisco are the Chinatown area, the historical San Francisco cable car, the War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, and the Golden Gate Bridge. It is also famous for its beaches.

San Francisco is the center of the San Francisco Bay area, where nearby Napa Valley is a part of.

Unlike San Francisco which is famous for its urban cultural setup, Napa Valley is more known for its huge wine industry. Acres and acres of vineyards are found here and tourists local and international alike flock to Napa Valley for wine tours.

Both enjoy a very Mediterranean climate - mostly sunny all year round with wisps of cool air coming in from the surrounding beaches. With an average of 200+ days of sun every year, San Francisco and Napa are both very ideal for year-round golfing. The idyllic views of the surrounding California mountains provide the perfect backdrop to make for the complete golfing experience.

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